What is ghostwriting and how does it work?

In ghostwriting, a ghostwriter writes a text in the name of a client without being named. Ghostwriting as a service has been around since antiquity, when famous Roman politicians wrote their speeches and position papers to talented scribes. In the present day, there are still politicians, but also authors, business and companies, which can create a contract by a ghostwriter and publish on their behalf. The academic ghostwriting is also very popular, where the student is supported by a phantom writer in the professional preparation of a scientific paper. In this service, the contractor prepares sample templates, preliminary studies and exposés according to the customer’s individual requirements. The drafting of these drafts is legal according to law, whereby the ghostwriting in the form offered by me is not punishable.

What makes a good and serious ghostwriter?

A good and serious ghostwriter is an author who distinguishes himself in addition to an excellent writing style through discretion and an exact working method. He also brings many years of varied experience in the writing of texts and writings. Particularly in the case of academic ghostwriting, the ghostwriter must be experienced in dealing with research and science, possess a keen perception and maintain a creative writing style. A good academic ghostwriter also has a great deal of general knowledge and can quickly familiarize himself with new topics.

In addition, an academic degree and knowledge of the higher education landscape are essential for first-class paperwork in the scientific field. In addition to these required criteria, I bring one thing above all else: fun and passion for scientific work. As this is reflected in each of my templates, I am different from many others in the industry.

What does academic ghostwriting cost?

Academic ghostwriting is associated with different levels of ghostwriting costs. The work of a reputable ghostwriter is determined by various factors that play a role in the calculation of ghostwriter prices. In addition to the content, time and expenses of the project, the ghostwriter costs depend primarily on the individual specifications of the customer. Doing housework involves less work than a master’s thesis as to why a higher price per page is charged for the latter. A tailor-made template for a scientific paper written by an experienced academic ghostwriter incorporates a great deal of knowledge, time and energy. Of course this is also reflected in the ghostwriting costs. In my agency quality comes before quantity, because I have committed myself to a quality standard, which is reflected in every template. The successful completion of your studies is a top priority for me!